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Finance and Sustainable Purchase

Unlock ACCESS to affordable technology

With multiple demands on school’s limited budgets, trying to equip staff or students with the devices they need and ensure that you have the budget to keep these up to date into the future can be an ongoing challenge. That’s why Wriggle developed the ACCESS payment solution specially for schools.

What is ACCESS?

With ACCESS, schools and further education colleges can get all the laptops and tablets they need (with comprehensive school IT support if you wish), all for a low-cost monthly price. This flexible payment option ensures that teachers will always have access to the latest devices they need to teach and you can spend your school IT budget on other areas where it’s needed.

See how other schools have benefitted

We lease our devices from Wriggle via their ACCESS programme which means that after 3 years we get to upgrade to brand new devices so they are always up to date and working perfectly” explains Kate Murray, Principal of St Augustine’s NS.

Is ACCESS available to my school?

All schools from ETBs to community schools and further education colleges can avail of ACCESS and get a technology bundle tailored to your school’s specific needs for an affordable monthly amount.

What services and supports can I avail of via ACCESS?

Schools can choose if they want to get staff laptops or tablets via ACCESS or also bundle in staff CPD training or IT management or support services, all of which is included in your low-cost monthly payment.

All ACCESS bundles can also include a FREE consultation with one of our Education Solution Experts and a FREE Digital Audit to guide your school’s digital planning and the integration of technology for learning.

See how other schools easily afford school devices with ACCESS

Jean Ward, Deputy Principal, Malahide Community school

What can I avail of via ACCESS?

Want to learn more about ACCESS and see how it could benefit your school? Check out some of the options below you can choose and what to include in your ACCESS bundle.

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Get in touch with our Education Solution Specialists today. We’d love to speak with you about your ambitions for digital learning and discuss how Wriggle Learning can support your school or college with our technology and services.

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