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Plan an effective Digital Strategy

Creating and actioning an effective and impactful Digital Learning Strategy in your school involves careful planning. As an Apple Professional Learning Provider, our team have delivered Apple’s Planning Essentials workshop to hundreds of schools to support them in successfully building and implementing their Digital Learning Plan. The Planning Essentials workshop is designed to help education leaders imagine new possibilities for teaching and learning through the development of a plan that supports their vision.

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Support for Digital Strategy Planning

Throughout the workshops, education leaders will be presented with the opportunity to explore new possibilities for leadership and learning with technology. They will be given time to reflect on your school’s progress, plan the next steps and share ideas with a group of like-minded leaders. Because we recognise that this process is a journey, we’ll work alongside you to help you realise your vision for learning with technology and support important decisions you’ll be making along the way. Since every journey is unique, the timing of these workshops can be flexible and amended to fit the needs of your school.

This highly impactful workshop looks at your school’s unique needs and requirements in the areas of:

  • Vision
  • Deployment of Devices
  • Learning Environments
  • Communication (Internal and External)
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Build staff digital skills with Wriggle Connect training

The success of any digital learning program relies on staff engagement and competence with the technology. Our education team, along with over 65 Irish educators, have created Ireland’s ONLY online digital learning platform created by teachers for teachers – Wriggle Connect.  Through Wriggle Connect, teachers have access to over 2000 short ‘learning blast’ videos that make up different learning pathways designed to help build teachers’ capacities and competences in using Apple technology and apps in tandem with your own school’s online learning environment.

Our short, comprehensive ‘learning blasts’ have been created by our team of 65 Irish educators, many of whom are either Apple Distinguished Educators or Apple Professional Learning Specialists. Upon completion of any of our learning pathways e.g. ‘Accessibility Tools on iPad’ a teacher will earn a certificate as a record of their engagement and progress. Courses are designed to allow teachers to work at their own pace and can be replayed anytime anywhere on any device, including through our newly launched iOS Wriggle Connect App, available now to download through the Apple App store.

Access Apple Resources

Wriggle Connect is designed to complement the Apple Learning Centre which is an excellent online hub with a large bank of resources and courses that Apple have created for teachers on how to effectively use the iPad and Mac in the classroom, perfect for getting started with your Apple device programme. Visit The Apple Learning Centre to learn more.

Digital Leadership Bootcamps

Our experienced Apple Professional Learning Specialists can also provide Digital Leadership Programmes and Bootcamps designed to develop the knowledge and capacities of a school’s Senior Leadership team. These scaffolded workshops can be delivered onsite and/or online through a blended model (depending on your needs) and are designed to provide you with a structured set of activities and tasks to help you with the implementation of your school’s Digital Learning Plan.

Areas of focus include but are not limited to:

  • Redefining your vision for teaching and learning using technology
  • Leading the Change
  • School Snapshot- how ready is your school to go digital?
  • Digital Learning Team- have you got the right people on your team?
  • Developing sustainable staff supports

Workshops are practical and hands-on in nature with plenty of time allocated to peer-to-peer learning and collaboration.

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