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See how Old Bawn Community School give all learners equal opportunities

Continue reading to see how Old Bawn Community School successfully integrated Windows devices and Office 365 into teaching and learning.

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Providing equal opportunities to learners with Microsoft technology

A strong desire to provide equal opportunities for their students prompted Old Bawn Community School to ensure that each of their students had access to their own windows laptop for learning.

For these students in Tallaght, the impact of this enhanced digital learning has been huge. Take a look at some of the opportunities these students from Tallaght now have as a result of access to technology and innovative learning.

Students have equal access to education.

“I want our students to have the same opportunities as everybody else, that when they walk into university or into a job, they are able to use the technical skills required of them.”

“Whatever their background is or where they come from, we want equality for our students in Tallaght, which is one of the reasons we chose 1:1 devices for our students”, Ursula McCabe, Principal.

Technology empowers learning

“Students are getting way more confident in their abilities with the technology. Everything is a lot more inclusive and accessible to students now, and as a result, the learning is a lot more enjoyable.” Sarah Gibbons, Deputy Principal

Student and parent confidence has increased.

“I find the technology really helpful, especially in subjects like maths and science where I can easily look up examples

At the start, I was a bit nervous about the technology, I wasn’t sure how good it was going to work. The more we started using it, the more and more I realized how good it was.
Aoife Hegarty,student


Tallaght, Co. Dublin

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Windows laptops and Office 365

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Post-Primary School

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Managed school devices, training and tech and customer support

“I was curious as to how the technology would work as I wouldn’t be particularly tech-savvy, but she’s really got a good hold of it.

During the pandemic having the devices worked really well. As a parent, you felt they were still getting educated and had that connection to the school. It’s the way forward, it’s how we do everything in our modern-day lives.”

Deborah Hegarty, Parent

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