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Assistive Technology

The NCSE assistive technology grant provides funding to schools towards the cost of computers and other specialist equipment for students with learning difficulties who would not otherwise be fully able to access the school curriculum.

Assistive technology includes laptops or tablet computers with modified software, keyboards, touch pads and more. Equipment is provided through this grant for children or young people with complex disabilities. However, some young people with dyslexia are also eligible to avail of this grant.

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Applying for Assistive Technology

To put forward an application for the NCSE Assistive Technology for a child, the school must communicate with the local SENO (Special Educational Needs Organiser), a service run by the NCSE (National Council for Special Education). The details for parents and guardians to make contact with their local SENO during the process are on their website. The application must be submitted by the school, however, and not by the individual parent/guardian.

Please note that it is up to the school’s discretion if the awarded assistive technology device will remain with the student when they graduate from primary school and progress to secondary school with them.

For further information on the assistive grant, please visit the Department of Education.

Contact your local SENO

Qualifying Concerns?

It is possible to claim back the VAT on assistive technology if the criteria for the grant weren’t met in an educational assessment but, the psychologist deems it beneficial for the student to have assistive technology. The VAT for aids and appliances purchased for essential purposes can be then claimed by accessing the VAT 61A form available from Revenue.

On average, the VAT rate is 23%. This percentage can be claimed back on the item purchased. It is essential when claiming that:

  • You keep receipts and/or invoices for all assistive technology equipment after purchase
  • If it applies to your claim, get and keep any report received by an educational psychologist

Tools to Support

There are many free in-built tools in your child’s tablet or laptop that are designed to make learning easier for students. See how to use some of these tools below. To learn more, check out these courses on our training platform.

Technology for Dyslexic Students

The use of technology is recommended to assist all students with dyslexia.

“Technology changed how I viewed myself and I have seen the transformation in my own students in school”

Teacher Lyndsey Balfe, Swords Community College

Continue Learning

Looking for additional assistive technology training? 

Wriggle Connect consists of 100s of on-demand, bite-sized training videos created by teachers and digital experts to support parents & students, covering accessibility tools.

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