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Supporting Learners Through Technology

There are amazing tools built into your child’s device to support their learning, but handing a student an unmanaged device means that they can also access gaming, social media apps and other distracting, inappropriate content. That is why Wriggle’s technology team builds management software into your child’s device and ensures that it is safely managed with school apps downloaded and maintained for 3 years.

Parents and students cannot be expected to know how to use all the school’s digital learning tools straight away and will have questions or need support and training to ensure that you are all confident in using your child’s device safely to its full learning potential. That is why all Wriggle 1:1 school technology bundles come with 3 years of phone and email support from our technical and customer service team.

Take a look at the full list of supports available to you as part of your child’s school technology bundle below.

What is Wriggle’s Service and Support?

Full Device Set-Up and Security for *3 Years

To ensure that your child’s device is secured for educational use only, our technology team at Wriggle put your child’s device through a rigorous configuration process to make sure that:

  • The device is set up with a device management profile so that it can only be used for educational purposes
  • The device is configured correctly for school and overseen by our dedicated Apple, Microsoft and Google engineers
  • School specific device restrictions are applied to the device to adhere to school policy
  • Your device is set up with all the apps you need for school preloaded to your device
  • Device safety management is in place for *3 years
  • New school apps and updates are automatically pushed to your device for a full *3 years

Full Technical Phone and Email Support for *3 Years

Technical Queries and issues arise, which is why Wriggle’s team offer parents a full *3 years of phone and email support for all app and technical issues, including:

  • Support for any technical issues with the device
  • App support to ensure optimal performance of educational apps
  • Device unlocking in cases where devices become Locked or ‘Disabled’
  • Device reconfiguration to school specifications
  • 3rd party account support, including device management applications such as ASM, InTune and JAMf Classroom
  • Warranty repairs and support
  • Logistics repairs support
  • Ongoing school app pushes and updates over *3 years
  • 36-month software cover
  • 36-month Mobile Device Management licence and platform maintenance

*Though many schools chose to have their student devices managed under Wriggle’s service and support package for 3 years, some schools chose to have student devices managed for a longer period of time. Please refer to your Wriggle Parents Information Pack for the duration of your service and support package.

On-Demand Training in Technology for Parents and Students

To ensure that your child gets the full benefits from their device for learning and that you are up to speed with all the digital tools they are using every day in school, all 1st-year parents and students will have full on-demand access to a library of 100s of 2-minute tutorials created by Wriggle’s expert team of teachers and digital safety experts on our training platform, Wriggle Connect Family, at no extra charge, as part of your child’s Wriggle school technology bundle.

These easy 2-minute tutorials cover:

  • Device setup and security
  • eBook guides
  • Internet Safety Filtering
  • Applying Parental Restrictions
  • Checking Screentime
  • Wellbeing and resilience skills
  • Uploading Homework Online
  • Digital Study Skills
  • Accessibility tools for learning
  • Tutorials on all your school learning apps

Students are awarded certificates on completion of all training courses, and all training tutorials are regularly updated to ensure they are up to date and relevant.

Do You Need Any Assistance With Your Device, or With an Order You Have Placed?

Our Customer Support team are on hand to assist our learners, parents and educators with any issues that they encounter with technology and learning.

Customer Support

Want To Learn More About How Technology Can Support Your Student in School or College?

We have curated and published thousands of support articles, videos, webinars and guides in collaboration with our educational partners which can support you and your student throughout your digital learning journey.

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