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Take a look at how Holy Family Community School use iPads to enhance learning


For Holy Family Community, with a mixed demographic of students, they knew that In order to fully engage all students in learning and prepare them with the skills they would need for life, they needed to give all students access to an iPad each (a model known as 1:1 digital learning).

See the phenomenal impact this has had on students’ learning in our school video diary series.

All students can access the learning they need now

“If you look at a child with additional needs, a couple of taps of a button on an iPad and you can instantly make that content more accessible for the child” Ingrid Fallon, principal

Learning is brought alive

“It’s completely transformed the shape of learning, a tool like no other in the classroom at the moment. You can give students learning opportunities far beyond what they normally would have had without it.” Michael Fiorentini, Science teacher

Students are empowered with the digital skills they need
“Technology is a big part of our lives and our society. I know that if I can imagine it I can make it within my ability” Zach, student.


Rathcoole, Co. Dublin

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Apple iPads

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Post-Primary School

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Managed school devices, training, tech and customer support

“Technology has changed how I work in the classroom immensely. Each student has a library in their schoolbag that they can take out and explore any museum in the world or any image they want to research.

It helps me get to know the students more and look a bit deeper at how they are learning.”

Deirdre Connelly, Teacher

School Video Diaries

Deirdre, Art Teacher – Increasing Creativity with iPad

Michael, Science Teacher – Bringing Science Alive with iPad

Zach – Student Product Development with iPad

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