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Learn how St Augustine's NS affordably use Microsoft tools to increase student skills

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For small rural primary school, St Augustine’s NS in Clontuskert county Galway, using Microsoft technology has elevated their teaching and learning to rank alongside the top primary schools in Europe. Using Surface Go and Surface SE devices to track and enhance literacy and other key skills is preparing these students for a bright future where they are ready to take on any digital roles required of them.

See how the school easily afford to keep their Microsoft devices up to date and how the technology enhances teaching and learning in the school.

Learning is personalised and literacy is improved

Building students’ Literacy skills is key at all school levels but for St Augustine’s National School, the leadership team wanted to make sure they give their students every opportunity to achieve their potential when it comes to literacy skills.

“We can track the students’ reading and literacy levels from senior infants up using Surface devices and Microsoft 365 technology. ” says principal Kate Murray. “This gives us a very clear picture of where the students are at so we can help them if they need it or push them further if they are at a higher level as well”. 

Buying school devices is affordable with Wriggle’s leasing programme

Having discovered how beneficial the Surface devices are for learning, the school wanted to make sure their school technology programme was both affordable and sustainable into the future…that’s when they discovered Wriggle’s ACCESS programme.

For the past 3 years, the school lease all of their Surface devices from Wriggle so that they only pay a small monthly amount each month for all their school technology, swopping their old Surface devices for brand new ones at the end of the 3 years.

“Leasing the Surface devices from Wriggle via their ACCESS program has absolutely revolutionised what we are doing here in the school. Now we always have the most up to date technology from a small monthly cost so we can use our budget wisely for other important school expenses” says Kate.

Leading amongst the best schools in Europe

Having discovered the potential of Surface devices and Microsoft 365 learning tools, being a small primary school in rural Ireland hasn’t stopped St Augustine’s School from striving to provide a world-class education to their students as Kate Murray explains:

“The beauty of being a Microsoft Showcase School is that we have collaboration and access to the best schools across the world, not just the schools here in Ireland, so we can see what’s happening in different countries and that helps us to navigate a clear and bright path to the future for our students in Clontuskert National School.” 


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“We use the Surface Go devices with Minecraft for Education in the classroom and it really enhances storytelling and literacy skills in our students.”

Kate Murray, Principal

Affordable School Technology

See how St Augustine’s School ensure they always have the latest technology for a small monthly price.

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How we make device purchase affordable

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